5 Tips for Relieving Baby Constipation

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Hi moms and dads! Melissa here sharing with you some constipation remedies for your baby and an exciting new giveaway on our site.  Constipation in babies can be painful and frustrating for your baby … and for you!  A fairly common problem for young babies, especially for those who are formula-fed or who are starting solids, constipation can be tricky and hard to get a handle on.  You might need to be flexible and try a few different remedies before finding the one that works for your baby.  The constipation treatments I’ve listed below really helped me in regulating my babies bowel movements, so take a look and give them a try.  Remember that with all medical issues facing your baby, your first stop is your pediatrician.

5 Tips for Relieving Baby Constipation

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  1. Keep your baby active: First off, one thing my doctor advised me was to keep my baby on the move as much as possible. If your baby is walking, have her walk; and if she’s still crawling or cruising, encourage her to do so as much as possible.  This type of light, normal everyday activity can be just the trick for getting a bowel movement started.
  2. Massages: My doctor also advised giving a baby massage.  You can do this by rubbing your baby’s belly gently, concentrating on the lower left side of her stomach.  If you feel a firmness or mass, gently apply pressure for a few minutes. The goal here is to naturally ease your baby’s bowel movement through her body.
  3. Switch up the diet: Constipation occurs fairly often when children are transitioning from a liquid to a solid-based diet. Rice is a popular first solid food for babies, but unfortunately can cause constipation as it does not provide much fiber.  Once your baby is old enough for a variety of solid foods, cut down on the more constipating foods like cooked carrots, rice, and bananas.  Substitute these with a few tablespoons of fiber-rich foods like apricots, pears, or pureed prunes. And try giving your baby a gentle tummy massage before feeding her these fiber-rich foods.  This really worked for me!
  4. Natural Products:  Sample products that are all-natural and safe for your baby, like Baby Move by Wellements Baby.Wellements-baby-move
    Baby Move formula, made with organic prune concentrate and prebiotics, naturally and safely softens your little one’s stool to help relieve baby constipation.  Packaged in a glass bottle that’s free of harmful plastics, this gentle formula is also free of laxatives, alcohol, paragons, gluten, soy, and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  In other words, you can trust this product to safely help your baby’s tummy.
    Wellements-gripe-water Oh, and if your baby suffers from other stomach-related issues like pain and gas associated with teething and colic, try Wellements Baby Gripe Water.  Pediatricians actually recommend exactly this type of gripe water for baby to alleviate your stomach discomfort safely and effectively.  Now you can find it in natural product that’s completely safe.  Love that!
  5. Ask your doctor: If the constipation persists and your baby stops eating, loses weight, or passes bloody stools, call your pediatrician right away.  Never give your baby a laxative or suppository without consulting a pediatrician first.  That’s a No No!

Each child’s “normal” bowel movements won’t be the same as their peers’.  Your baby’s “normal”  will depend on his age, diet, and how quickly he can digest food.  The tips are intended for babies who are having fewer bowel movements than usual or whose stool appears dry and uncomfortable to pass.

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Hope you have enjoyed these tips and that they can get your baby back to being regular in no time!  Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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CloudMom received monetary compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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