4 Month Old Sleep Regression

Hi everyone! Back talking about one of my favorite topics, baby sleep! We love our babies, but we love them even more when they are sound asleep — ha ha, just kidding. OK, so Mumita has written in wondering about her 4 month old baby who was in a nice sleep routing, but has now started waking more frequently at night. Mumita is tired and she’s asking herself, “what is going on?”  I give some thoughts on the issue of 4 month old sleep regression in today’s video.

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4 Month Old Trouble Sleeping

Mumita, I’ve been there. You finally feel like your baby is sleeping better at night and then boom, they start waking up frequently again and again and it’s just so exhausting and so frustrating! What’s happening? Well, first of all, you can have growth spurts. You might also be dealing with some digestive issues, like gas. Also, at this stage experts talk about changes in babies sleep cycles, advising that we teach babies to put themselves back to sleep on their own because babies will wake up during the night as they mature and start to go between sleep cycles (similar to how adults do this). So, they need to effectively begin to learn how to put themselves back to sleep. Definitely check with your doctor regarding those.

In this video, I give some general thoughts regarding what has worked for me at this stage. To start, I would focus on very regular full feedings and regular naps. I would try to give my baby that third cat-nap at around 5pm or 6pm. For more advice, watch the video! Also, please weigh in with what worked for you.

Mumita, thanks for writing in and thanks for watching Cloudmom! I am so grateful and hope you have a good night tonight and a great day! xo Melissa