4 Month Old Sleep Regression Solutions

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Having stumbled through the first few months of babydom, new parents often think they are over the hump, clear of the bigger challenges. The nights are looking calmer, the days seem easier, and life seems to be gaining a new normalcy. But lo and behold, your baby decides: “Um, thanks but no thanks. Let me shake things up a bit here; wouldn’t it be fun to keep waking up frequently over the course of the night, keeping these parent-people on their toes? Ha!” It’s enough to make a new parent cry.

4 Month Old Sleep Regression Solutions

4 Month Old Sleep Regression

Welcome 4 month old sleep regression. This phenomenon hits babies at 4 months, but also later, at 8 months, 12 months, 18 months and even two years of age.

What is “sleep regression”? As mom of two boys and founder of The Baby Sleep Site Nicole Johnson explains, “A sleep regression describes a period of time (anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks) when a baby or toddler who has been sleeping well suddenly starts waking at night, and/or skipping naps (or waking early from naps) for no apparent reason. Parents often describe being caught totally off guard: you think your have conquered all your little one’s sleep challenges, when suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re back to constant night wakings and nonexistent naps.”

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In today’s video, I offer up some tips based on my own experience and the sage advice of the Baby Sleep Site. Here goes. Oh, and make sure to enter an awesome giveaway below.

4 Month Baby Sleep Tips

First up, stick to your routine. At around four months, babies change their sleep patterns, shifting in and out of deeper sleep more quickly and thus awakening more often. Babies this young do not yet know how to soothe themselves back to sleep, and thus cry out for your help. It’s a painful reality, but don’t give in and revert to bad habits. Resist the temptation to start rocking, singing, nursing, or cajoling your baby to sleep. These habits will make your life more difficult in the long run. Rather, stay calm and stick to your good habits.

Second, maintain a healthy 4 month old sleep schedule. Do frequent feedings during the day (I advise every three hours for a breastfed baby, and every four hours for a formula-fed baby), making sure baby is awake and full at the end of a feeding. When a baby consumes most of the calories they need during the day, and is awake for a lot of the day using up her energy, she will wake up less frequently at night.

Finally, when all else fails, seek professional help. The Baby Sleep Site offers expert advice not just on 4 month old babies’ sleep, but on all the sleep stages babies encounter across various ages.

The Baby Sleep Site - Helping you and your child sleep

Their comprehensive advice comes in the form of two specialized sleep plans: A Personalized Sleep Plan, which is based on your baby’s particular circumstances, and an Express Sleep Plan, which is a great fit when your baby’s sleep problems seem easier to solve. Priced reasonably, both plans offer a holistic, analytic approach to your baby’s situation and — by examining all the factors involved — help you to craft a comprehensive plan that works.

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Don’t feel guilty when you encounter the inevitable bumps of parenting. Gather the information you need, and enlist all the good help you can get. With expert advice that is specifically tailored to your baby’s particular situation, The Baby Sleep Site can be an invaluable part of your “parenting village.” Check out it’s expert packages and put yourself on the path to rest.

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