2 Month Old Sleep

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Hi everyone. The air is getting nippy and fresh in New York City this week and we’re finally settling in to a routine.  Yesterday was Annaliese’s first full day of school.  She was so looking forward to it but then at lunch-time I missed her so much (sniff!).

2 Month Old SleepPin for later!

In today’s Vlog, I’m answering a question from a new mom Stephanie who is struggling to get her 2 month old into some sort of a nap schedule.

Stephanie writes that her 2 month old baby won’t sleep much during the day, and wakes quite a lot towards the end of the night/early morning.  She thinks it’s too early to do any sort of baby sleep training (I agree), and she describes when her little baby is eating during the day and night.

In this vlog, I walk through what she describes and try to give my advice based on my own experiences.  It’s tempting to think that you will have established a nice sleep routine for a 2 month old, but this is a very young baby, so in my view, what you’re doing at this point is trying to feed frequently and get the baby to rest by trying to encourage good naps.  I go into all the details in the Vlog.  Take a look!

If you have any questions for me on babies, toddlers, kids, or just life in general (!), I would love to try and answer them.  You can leave them for me in a comment on my site.  OH, and if you have thoughts for Stephanie, please leave them below.  Thanks for watching my videos, my friends, and have a beautiful day.

Xo Melissa