Solid Foods for Babies: When a 13-M-O Won’t Eat

Creating a baby solid food schedule is no easy task, and it must be SO tough to figure out solid foods for babies who refuse to eat or are very picky. Here’s my advice for a mom, Sheri, who sent me a message that she’s struggling with 13 month old diet challenges.

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“I make sure to feed her with us at every meal in her highchair and offer her what we have as long as it’s safe for her to eat,” Sheri writes. “I’m just losing my mind. I can get her to eat some fruit and pasta. My mother in law bought us the Baby Bullet really early on and she never would eat from that either. Only thing she liked from that was some squash and avocado. But she stopped eating those long time ago. I’ve remade so many things to see if her taste have changed but it seems no matter what I do she just pushes it away or spits it out.”

This isn’t something I went through with my own babies. I had one child who initially refused solids around 6-months-old, but within a month or two he was eating a lot better. If you really can’t find any solid food for a 13 month old that she will eat and every meal is a battle, my personal view is that you should consult your pediatrician, a baby feeding specialist or Early Intervention just to make sure your baby doesn’t have a food allergy or a sensory problem. That’s what I would do — better safe than sorry on this kind of thing!

Do you have tips to share with this mom?  Have you experienced this with your children?

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