10 Foods to Eat When You Have a New Baby

Hello to the new moms out there! Having a new baby in the house brings joy but can also be grueling for new moms, so make sure to concentrate on your own diet!
Today, I’m sharing some postpartum diet tips with you! Eating right and healthy during pregnancy is very important, but eating well after the baby is born is just as crucial. You’ll need to fuel your body with postpartum foods to boost your immune system, keep your energy up, and, if you are breastfeeding, foster breast milk production.  I’ve put together these 10 foods to eat after birth!
10 Foods to Eat When You Have a New Baby

10 Foods to Eat After Having a Baby

  1.  Blueberries : These tiny fruits are bursting with goodness! With a healthy dose of carbs and essential vitamins and minerals, they are the perfect snack any time of the day.
  2.  Oranges : Portable enough to peel on the go, easy enough to squeeze into a thirst-quenching morning drink. These versatile fruits are loaded with Vitamin C, which will help boost your energy and immune system.
  3.  Eggs : Scrambled, hard-boiled, tossed into a salad…so many options! Eggs are perfect for reaching your daily protein needs as well as providing the essential DHA levels in your breast milk.
  4.  Lean Beef : Feeling sluggish? Lean beef is packed with iron, protein, and vitamin B-12, perfect for new nursing mothers. The iron will keep you from feeling drained while keeping up with your newborn’s needs.
  5.  Low fat dairy : Choose your favorites, from yogurt, to cheese, to plain ol’ milk. These are all important for healthy nursing! By providing tons of calcium, Vitamin D, and protein, you’ll be helping develop your baby’s bones as well as strengthening your own. Aim for 3 cups of dairy daily.
  6.  Salmon : This super food is packed with DHA, which can help your mood by preventing postpartum depression and help in the formation of your baby’s central nervous system. Eating 12 ounces on average per week is recommended.
  7.  Whole grain cereal : Haven’t slept in what seems like forever? Opt for whole grain cereal at breakfast to boost your energy and mood. Add some blueberries into a hot bowl of whole-grain oatmeal and you’ve got yourself a super breakfast!
  8.  Leafy Greens : Spinach, Swiss chard, and broccoli are packed with vitamin A, good for both you and your little one. Great for getting your daily need of calcium, vitamin C, and iron. No need to worry about the calories with these healthy snacks!
  9.  Brown Rice : Mixing these healthy whole-grain carbs into your everyday diet will help keep your energy levels up while providing your body the calories it needs to produce nutritious milk for your little one!
  10.  Water : Again, water is just as important after pregnancy as it is before your child is born. In addition to helping build up cells and flesh out toxins, it can help in losing those few extra baby belly pounds.

10 Foods to Eat when you have a New Baby

I hope you have all enjoyed this list of postpartum foods to keep around the house. Any postpartum do’s and don’ts you’d like to share?  Foods you craved or loved?  Comment below and thanks so much for following Cloudmom!
Melissa xx