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    My favorite winter look is leggings with a cute sweater and ankle boots!


    Love me a sweater dress with some cute ankle boots!


    My favorite winter look is jeans with a turtle neck sweater and a few accessories.

    Thomas Gibson

    My favorite winter look is shorts and a tee shirt. Living in Florida allows for this.

    Lisa Bourlier

    Heavy Sweater and leggings is my go to Winter look! I’m always to cold for dresses till Spring!

    Dana Rodriguez

    I love scarves and booties in the winter.

    Ashley Bree Perez

    I love scarves. (: Ann taylor is my favorite. (:

    Tiffany C

    The wide belt is the perfect accessory! I think it pairs well with this dress! I’d love to get a new dress at Ann Taylor, thanks for the chance!


    I love ann Taylor and get a lot of my work clothes from there.


    I’m so out of touch, I had to look up what Pucci was… :/ But we have Ann Taylor out here in the cornfields!


    Ann Taylor and Loft are my two favorite stores. My favorite winter look always involves a sweater dress and a bold accessory.


    That is a very striking dress. Ann Taylor has a nice selection of clothing.


    I like boots, jeans and a white sweater in the winter.

    Angela M. Mogin

    That striped dress is a very nice look, youthful without being too young.

    regina elliott

    that dress looks so good on this lady ! i never thought stripes would look that good

    Jennifer Reed

    My favorite winter look is a nice pair of skinny jeans with an interesting cropped jacket and boots. One jacket that fits this is the navy blue Lace Overlay Jacket from Ann Taylor currently.

    Jerry Marquardt

    I like that striped dress! `I would like to thank you for your involvement in this fine giveaway. Thank you for giving us all the chance.