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    I don’t really go for the mani/pedi pampering, but I do make the most of my shower time by using really nice, good smelling products that are not full of chemicals. The aromatherapy value can make even a quick shower feel a little therapeutic.

    Melissa Lawrence

    What kind of aromatherapy do you use? I also am saying no to the chemicals!

    Noelle Kinyon

    Can I say first, your site is great. It really had the simple information that seems to be lacking elsewhere. So, thanks!
    I keep it pretty simple and walk around the corner from our house to the local nail salon and get a peticure. I get to read all the gossip magazines that I would never admit to reading and have a hour to myself!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Noelle, that means so much to me, I am really really grateful! That’s so funny what you say b/c I always tell myself I am going to read the New York Times and then I just read all the gossip mags too! I know alot more about the Kardashian’s than you would think!!!


    My only indulgence is when I take a shower! With 4 little ones there isn’t much time for me…but my husband lets me take extra long showers sometimes lol! I would love and need to pamper my skin it does get neglected while making sacrifices for our kids. Not complaining!


    When possible I sneak out for a mani/pedi


    After our toddler goes to bed I make sure I take care of myself for a couple minutes-cut nails, color toe nails.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I always have color on my toes too, keeps me going!

    Michelle Myers

    I find time to take care of myself by staying up later after all the kids and husband are asleep! I read, watch a movie, talk with friends or my favorite: a nice and long bubble bath! I forget about if I had a bad day and get geared up for the next day.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That sounds so relaxing! I think I am going to take a bath tonight!


    Long hot showers on the weekends and the occasional pedicure!

    Melissa Lawrence

    My showers on the weekend are definitely longer too! I always go for color on my nails! That usually means chipped nails which you will notice in most of my videos, but I prefer to have a new color! Do you do color or clear?

    Jennifer LeCuyer

    I’m a 30 yr old single Mom of a 10 yr old son that had Autism so finding “me time” is very difficult. But I try at least once a week to pamper myself at night when Tyler goes to sleep. I do this by lighting candles and drawing myself a nice hot bath with bath crystals. I then give myself a facial. I also try to do my nails but I’m so tierd by the end of the week that all I really want is a good nights sleep which doesn’t happen often as little man has sleeping issues. I always enter contests and try to win things but I guess luck isn’t on my side. I have my fingers crossed for this though as I love these products. I always try to use natural, heathly, and environmentally safe products.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Jennifer, I’m so impressed by what you are doing. So good that you are taking care of your skin!! I am with you on the environmentally safe, and with products like these, you can’t go wrong!


    just till recently this was a problem for me. I always felt guilty when I wasn’t spending time with my kids and then my family started noticing I was getting stressed out over little things.
    My answer to this…. I take long walks in the evening or early in the morning before he leaves for work (and no one is up yet) when my husband gets home from work. It is just me and sometimes I take the IPOD. I helps me clear my hand and I love the time where I am just by myself. On occasion (say on Saturday nights) I will take a long hot shower just relax.

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI there Katherine! You always have such good ideas and such a good perspective! So nice to see you again on Cloudmom!!!


    I love getting massages and I just recently enjoyed a wonderful mani pedi!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I never get massages, but I really want to because my upper back kills from carrying the girls and not having the right computer set-up! Where do you go?

    Jessica Hughes

    My husband and I each get a couple of hours to ourselves one night a week. It is really nice to be able to count on a little time to take a bath, visit a friend, watch a chick flick or whatever else I feel like. I think it helps us be better parents the rest of the week.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Do you cover for each other so each person gets one night? Great idea!

    Nikki Rodriguez

    Although its very difficult to find time as I’m a mom to 3 busy kids one with special needs. It’s so important though. We work and work and drag through each day that we have to recharge our batteries at time so we can keep going. For myself something like having daddy take the kids to the park while I sneak a shower and paint my nails is such a treat. Or just going to get your hair done. It’s very hard to find the time but we owe it to ourselves!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Nikki, you are so right! And I feel like when I feel good about myself, I am a better mom with more patience!! how old are you kids?


    Hmmm… That is a good question – one that I am still figuring out! Sometimes I just have to close the door when they are watching TV or something and I know they are safe (just eaten, changed diapers, etc.), and I close my bathroom door and give myself a pedicure. It is so important! I have to be careful, though, that they don’t see me, or I will have “zombie children” banging on the door and reaching underneath to try to get in.

    Melissa Lawrence

    The bathroom is a mom’s favorite place! Mine just walk right in too!

    Amanda Carney

    I wish I found time to take care of myself! I try to take a day every few months to get a pedicure and get a hair cut but sometimes it’s just not possible! I love to try to take a bubble bath at least once a month to unwind but most times I just end up taking a shower, ALONE! and sometimes, that’s good enough (:

    Melissa Lawrence

    Amanda, the shower is my savoir, although I don’t love our water pressure!! But sometimes I am in there for a LONG time! My husband comes looking for me!


    i find me time once my son is in bed. i use that time to listen to peaceful earth soothing music. and just sit and reflex on the day. i sometimes are able give my self a mini mani pedi. and I think about things i need to do for my self and what i missed for the day.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Alyssa, that is so great! I am aiming for this, not totally there, but trying. Important to stay off the phone too!


    Amazing company. Hands down.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you for your support, that’s how I felt which is why I wanted to do this giveaway on the site! I feel a real difference since using these products!


    I don’t find time, I make time! 🙂 My body is my temple and I treat it with respect by exercising 4-5 times a week, paying attention to the nutritional value of my food and only using natural personal care products.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That is so good to hear, taking care of yourself is so so important!


    I LOVE this company!!! We are using the coconut one right now and I love that it last for a super long time! With two small boys I really don’t get time to myself but when I get to take a shower and use my coconut body wash I feel like I’m at the beach for a couple minutes.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I know, aren’t they just the best? I love their coconut products also!

    Kathryn Good

    Once every few months I get together with my college girlfriends. They help me keep my head on straight. A little perspective and compassion are the best thing for me.

    Melissa Lawrence

    There is nothing like old friend, Kathryn!! Good for you!


    I don’t get much “me time”, but when I do, I’m happy with a hot shower where I can exfoliate and shave. That time is usually found after my three children have gone to bed. I would absolutely love to indulge in these wonderful products! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Melissa Lawrence

    what do you use to exfoliate? I’m looking for something…


    Nap time and the weekends gives me the extra time I need to take care of myself. I love using Alaffia products to pamper myself with! Long, hot showers and the occasional mani/pedi are my favorite ways to unwind. I also make sure to exercise regularly – gotta love those endorphins! 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    Nap time is a god send, enjoy! I love the mani/pedi too!

    Margarett Bryant

    I go to bed early so I’m able to get up before everyone else. This allows me to meditate and pamper myself preparing me for the tasks of the day.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Meditation is supposed to be one of the best things for you!


    it is definitely tough to find that time! i work full-time and have a 1-year-old (who knows how to slam his hands on the bathroom door until its circa-1937 door knob and latch give way ;)). last night i had a little time after my son was asleep to give my hair a good trim, something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. sometimes i resort to taking my nail polish to work and redoing my toe nails on my lunch break (outside, of course). i love alaffia’s products, and i do take extra-long showers. (i also take baths with my son with the everyday shea bubble bath for kids.)

    Melissa Lawrence

    Do you trim your own hair? That’s impressive!


    yes! there are lots of great videos on youtube that show you how to do it. just search “how to trim your own hair” or “how to cut layers in your hair.” the method i used was really simple- i gathered my hair in a ponytail on the back of my head, then put a second hairband right above where i wanted to trim– then just cut off what was below the second hairband (a couple of inches). this gives you shorter pieces in front and longer in back. 🙂


    I usually do my mani/pedi withe my girls (7/2/1) we play nail shop together that way I get to do my nails and toes. If I have time on Saturday I wake up early around 6:00 a.m. and wash/deep condition my hair. On Sunday’s before church I wake up around 6:30 a.m. polish my toes/nails (if I hadn’t had a chance to do it the way I like while playing nail shop), and do my makeup.

    Whewww that was a lot. lol


    I also use the Beautiful Curls Line which is by Alaffia also and we use Raw Shea butter which is great for moisturizing your body or extra dry/coarse hair!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Definitely going to try the raw shea butter too!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Sounds like a good routine! What is mommysnewviews? Thanks for commenting!


    While my son takes his afternoon nap this is the time I take for myself. First I start with making a cup of herbal tea. Once that is done I grab my sage and head for the bath. I light a candle and burn some sage. I then smudge myself cleansing any negative thoughts that may be within. I then take my Alaffia goats milk/lavender bar of soap, and coconut shampoo/conditioner and put it aside. I soak and meditate…. Sip my tea and count my blessings. Then cleanse my face, body, and hair. I always end up singing as i wash. It’s so important to take the time to love ourself, and truly appreciate the time doing so. Such joy it brings to my heart and soul! ❤

    Melissa Lawrence

    This is absolutely beautiful… I am so touched by what you wrote, you are living a healthy and happy life!


    I have my brother or my husband watch my newborn so I can get 30-60 minutes of me time at night to shower, do my hair, read, or whatever else I need to do for myself. I’m a stay at home mom so that hour really makes a difference for me.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hear, hear! Hope you’re getting that our now!


    I don’t get much time to myself between school work, cleaning and tending to my munchkins before I am to exhausted but if I can manage I like to take either a nice long shower or a hotbath and read or listen to music. I am wanting to start working out so to get my pre baby energy back so I can keep up with a very active and adventurous two uear old boy. I need to not do it while he is around because last time he thought it would be fun to pounce while mommy was doing sit ups.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That is very funny! I have a band I like to use but my kids almost strangled each other with it once so that was it for the band! Thanks for commenting, Sarabeth!


    I’m a first time mom to a little boy that just turned 6mo, and I just have wait until he’s in bed before I can take any time to myself (especially since he’s starting the separation anxiety stage). Usually I read a book, take a nice hot shower, or just crawl into bed early and catch up on some sleep!

    Melissa Lawrence

    About to do the same! Thanks for commenting, Brittany!

    Amy Davis

    Thank you for the chance to win such a fabulous prize! Taking care of myself is few and far between…

    Melissa Lawrence

    take the time whenever you can get it, Amy! YOu deserve it!

    MerryAnne Keck

    I find time for myself after I put my son to bed. First a hot shower then my pjs. As usual I lotion up and before crawling into bed I spray some lavender essential oil mist on my pillow. Ill read for a while then lights out and, hopefully, I quickly fall asleep. A far, far cry from the bi-weekly mani/pedi’s I used to indulge in. But that’s ok, I wouldn’t change anything.

    Melissa Lawrence

    MerryAnne, it’s been so special reading about the rituals that moms have to take care of themselves. Love the spelling of your name!


    I like to get a deep tissue massage from my private massage therapist whenever I can afford it. I walk out feeling like a new person!


    My favorite thing to do to unwind is taking a nice long walk by myself, listening to my favorite music on the iPod. At the end of the day, I like to take a relaxing soak in the bath with lavender scented oils and candles.


    I love to take long showers with luxurious products that are natural. I just found out I have eczema and I have to be careful with the products I use so that I don’t have any irritations.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I bet these might work nicely for you!

    Suzy Q

    These products sound amazing! Time in a bath or the shower with lovely-smelling bath products, followed by a good slathering with moisturizer is heaven!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Agree with you there! Not sure the reply function is working on my site, can you confirm you got this Suzy? Thanks!


    Relax with a good book, travel, spend time with family and friends.


    Love these products! Our whole family uses them!

    Melissa Lawrence

    so happy to hear that! We love them too!


    I try to find time to pamper myself a little bit! : ) Every mom deserves a little “me” time. I would love to try out these all-natural products from Alaffia! I’ve heard my friends raving positive things. Good luck to all the moms!

    Milly Biscardi DeFeo

    I put aside 30-45 minutes a day for Mom time. It is very important to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.

    Milly Biscardi DeFeo

    I totally agree with you. We need that time to re-group and plan meals, events, walks and so on 🙂


    It’s a struggle to find time for myself with a preschooler and a 9-month-old in our house. I will often stay up late after the kids have gone to bed just so I can enjoy some quiet time to catch up on reading or some grown-up TV shows (yay, no Disney Junior for a few hours!). Every couple of weeks or so, my husband will give me a Mom’s Day Out, which usually consists of half a day of running errands. I can get SO much more done and in much faster time when I don’t have 2 kids to load in and out of the car all the time. Not exactly “me time” since it’s household-related errands, but I still enjoy going places alone, even if it’s just to pick up a few groceries.


    I go and have a Mani-Pedi every other week. It is so relaxing and I always feel so pretty afterwards.


    Pampering after the children go to bed – alone time in the tub to relax, enough said!

    Natalie S

    These products sound awesome! Hmmm…how do I find time to take care of myself…I love to soak in the tub with some epsom salt while the hubs tends to the kids. It’s so relaxing and soothing.


    I like to sit down with my favorite snacks and watch me some Downton Abbey, since I didn’t have time to see the episodes when they were first on. Now I put the kids to bed and have some ‘me’ time and even sneak in another episode when I can’t wait to see what Maggie Smith will say next.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That sounds great — who is your favorite character?

    Melissa Lawrence

    By the way, don’t you think we Americans are just obsessed with the English?



    Melissa Lawrence

    they are the best! life-altering!


    When my son goes to sleep ( I have an evening ritual for him of dinner bath time reading and bedtime).


    I make sure my son follows his bedtime ritual so that I can squeak in about 2 hours from 9 to 11pm at night. I use Alaffia products and they are awesome! They are definitely part of my daily self-care ritual and I use only these products on my son.


    I’m a massage therapist, so I have the ability to schedule trades. It works out for me to get at least one a month, which is so nice! I schedule time with my girlfriends when I have a babysitter, and I also squeeze in me time in the evening after our daughter goes to bed by taking a nice bubble bath.


    thank you! miss being on the computer as much. been watching my nephew and great niece (boy do I feel old….my niece has a daughter as young as me)

    Melissa Lawrence

    you are the best! What a great aunt you are! The computer will always be there, this time is precious!