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    Just watching my son enjoy the sprinklers in the front yard and seeing the pure joy and happiness in his face!

    Tarrah M

    Best thing this summer was our camping trip, even if it poured most of it


    My favorite memory so far has been watching my daughter walk for the first time! of course it was on the night i was FINALLY going to go out for an adult night out for first time since having my daughter. Me and my husband were arguing about it and he stormed off and went in the other room and then she started walking/falling from the ottoman to the recliner and then i’d set her up on the ottoman and she’d repeat and take a few steps to the recliner. i immediately called my husband out of his man cave and told him. long story short both of us were so excited to see her walk that we forgot completely what silly thing we were arguing about and i ended up skipping the “night out”. 🙂


    Nothing cheesy but my favorite memory is taking our baby son to the zoo for the first time. We saw his curiosity peek. Can’t wait for more memories.


    A highlight of our summer has been our trip to Florida with my side of the family. Our daughter is so excited to spend time with her cousins since she only sees them a few times a year.


    Spending the days on the beach with my boys and late-night fires, and cuddles ♡


    My daughter saw the beach and the ocean for the first time this summer.

    nicole dz

    One of my favorite memories from this summer is when we went to fort worth texas to visit my sister and my brothers.


    I enjoyed taking my kids to the beach and collecting shells together.


    My favorite memory was visiting Sea World in San Diego

    Lissette Negron

    My best unforgettable memory is having my first daughter. It was such a wonderful experience.

    Stephane D

    Heading to the red colored city of Marrakech in Morocco was the highlight of the summer for me.


    The vacation my husband and I took to Yellowstone and MT!


    Waking up to my little boy smiling next to me and then nursing without having to watch the clock or rush to get ready for work. These few weeks have been wonderful and I’ve missed staying home with since returning back to work. It will be hard to go back in September.

    kristen mcclary

    my favorite memory this summer was going to LA and going to universal studios it was amazing


    My most memorable Summer memory? Had to be uncle’s wedding this past July, it was wonderful and full of excitement. A great day family and friends shall never forget. =D


    I turned 23 and spent the day at Dave + Busters reliving my childhood. Wonderful!


    My very favorite memory of this entire summer is actually not a single memory but a collection of them…all the time I’ve gotten to spend with my daughter!! Experiencing her time at the beach, in a pool, camping, and more were amazing!!


    One of my favorite memories is spending the day at the beach with my family.

    Randi C.

    My favorite memory was visiting my family and going out to dinner.


    I enjoyed weekend with my kids in the mountains hiking and swimming in the lake at our cabin there.


    We spent an amazing day down the Jersey Shore with our three year old son then two days later we had our daughter (a surprise who was two weeks early!)
    We were so glad we squeezed in that last trip as a family of three. Im pretty sure all the walking induced my labor!

    Anita Mitchell

    Cook outs with my family and yardsaling. 🙂

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    Julie Lamb

    Enjoying cook outs with my family and our new dog, Sadie, She is a rescue 🙂


    enjoying alone quiet time with my husband in the evenings

    Shannan Robeton

    Just traveling here and there and going camping.


    Going to the beach and building a great big bonfire

    Muhammad Ahmad

    Watching the world cup with my friends

    Joni Mason

    One of my favorite memories from this summer is having a water gun fight with my 4 year old grandson and hearing him laugh and squeal in delight!


    My favorite memory of this summer was the family trip to Utah. We took a trip to see cousins the kids hadn’t seen in years and it was amazing to see how quickly they all bonded and how well they got along.


    My favorite summer moments have been in the pool. We have so much fun!

    Annmarie W.

    I loved going to my daughter’s swim meets, and seeing how proud she was when she won the top swimmer award in her age category at a big meet!

    steven weber

    my favorite was camping in Noblesville for 3 days.

    crystle tellerday

    fun times with my best friends having picnics and going to the amusement park

    Sarah Tomorrow

    Partying with my family some I haven’t seen in years. We had dinner and a movie, then we sat around and talked about old times. played games, just enjoyed ourselves.


    Going to the beach with my little baby- lots of sunscreen and a cute sunhat!

    Deborah Gardner

    I enjoyed swimming at the river on hot days with my family this summer!

    Linda Bradshaw

    We enjoyed watching Frozen at the local park one night. My nieces had a great time. Linda Bradshaw , sweepinmomma123 at yahoo


    Watching fireworks with my niece and nephew

    Joe cormier

    Seeing my boys play with all their distant cousins at the family reunion. 4 generations and 60 people in one photo!

    Rebecca E. Parsons

    Your Paris train story brought tears to my eyes. Yes, people can be amazingly nice. You and your children have a Paris rain story to treasure forever. I love walking in the rain in Paris!!

    April G.

    Spending evenings by the pool with the family and watching my daughter learn to swim better than I can!

    Kristyn Featherston

    This summer, my youngest son who is 18 months, has learned so many new words and has learned many different things. I love spending time with my 3 boys and their daddy, as we work together to teach them new things.


    Watching my 4 year old use her money to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck for the first time. She was so excited.

    Sarah Chavez

    Spending time with my three girls ♡


    Camping on the beach with friends was amazing this year! We drank too much, slept too little, and had just the right amount of fun!


    Visiting Gloucester for delicious fresh seafood!


    My favorite memory this summer is taking my daughter to our family reunion in oklahoma for the first time. It was great to see her get along so well with our family and watching her interact with the other babies that are her age.

    Roger Dena

    Coming back home and seeing my family.

    Shannon F

    We took my daughter to the ocean for her first time. She absolutely loved it and it was the best feeling ever! 🙂