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    Great tips! I work for an early literacy book publisher, and I’m also the parent of a 2.5-year-old. I can attest that your tips are right on.


    Wonderful tips! I think I’m doing just fine in this aspect then. I just need to reinforce reading more and make it a part of our routine so that my son gets used to it! Thanks for sharing Nina!


    Rea, definitely get into that routine! Less arguing and you’re more likely to go through with it if it’s ingrained every day.


    My oldest three kids love to read and have always been great readers. My fourth hates it! he even used to cover pages and try to shut and throw the book if I tried to read to him when he was little! He is doing eye therapy now and it is helping! My older kids always read in bed at night. They have to be in bed at 7:30 so if they read until 8 or 8:30 they kind of feel like they are getting away with something.

    Nina G

    Wow, who knew eye therapy would have such an effect! Glad it’s helping. And that’s awesome that reading is seen as the ‘sneaky’ thing to do at night 😉

    Coraline Grace

    Introducing children to chapter books at an early age can nurture a love
    of reading and help children on the road to becoming avid readers. Books take
    us to places we can only dream about, improves literacy & social skills, and helps you feel more

    Continue to read to your
    children as they grow. Bedtime read-alouds will become something your children
    look forward to, a memorable part of their childhood. Take advantage of the
    precious time you have with your children, enjoy good books, start great
    discussions and let their imaginations soar.