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    This was a great ‘reality check’ post for me to read today. Thanks for sharing some of your challenges and providing insightful suggestions on how to remember to care for yourself while being a mom.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks Jenna — this was from the heart. Some of it is hard to write, but it’s helped me too so I wanted to share. Thanks for reading!


    This post was just what i needed. Exercise is the hardest one living in a cold climate. I had set s plsn to do yoga daily in the morning my freshest part of my day, but st nap time it works better. I had given up as I was drsined of energy stsying up late doing mommy tasks, but as i look at the snow outside i have no choice i must make it work and yoga is all i have right now. Thank you for your article. I will not give in!! We gotta just do it!!