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    “no” My 25month old son says it all day everyday to everything he is asked.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Amazing how fast they learn that word and how much they use it, and then you never hear yes!


    My toddler never says “full.” But he repeatedly tells me “I’m hungry,” even 5 minutes after he just ate!

    The number one thing he likes to say to us right now is “NO!”

    Melissa Lawrence

    I think frequent use of the word no is in the genes like breathing, eating, and tantrums!


    I can relate to the “I want!” thing. My three year old is still saying how much she wants things. We just went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago, and she’s still saying, “I just want to talk to Rapunzel again…” “I just want to go to Disneyworld again…” “I just want to ride Peter Pan again…” A little more developed, but still, over half of what comes out of that child’s mouth is prefaced with the words, “I want!”

    Melissa Lawrence

    Kristen, do you have the books about Bossy Bear? Get them, they are so funny and your child will laugh too! It makes mine realize how much they sound like that and never say please! Did you like Disneyworld? We’ve never been, kind of intimidated by the whole thing!