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    Eleonore Mooneyham

    ood sleep habits are the keystone to a good life. 2nd to that, enjoying a normal, healthier lifestyle also contributes to good living. In this age of chemical adjustments prescribed by medical practioners for almost every aspect of life, it is important to search out natural herbal sleep aids which will help you keep up to call home a wholesome life style.

    Before adding supplements to your diet, think about the benefits of learning methods of relaxation. These can consist of meditation, yoga, and any variation of intentional muscle relaxation. Most of these are effortlessly learned by using video clip tapes you could usually find at, or order through, your neighborhood collection.

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    Johnie Ocheltree

    The most common cause of sleeplessness is psychological tension triggered by anxiety, concerns, overwork, and overexcitement. Suppressed feelings of resentment, anger and bitterness could also cause insomnia. Constipation, dyspepsia, over-eating at night, excessive intake of coffee or tea, and going to bed hungry are among the other causes. Smoking is another unsuspected cause of insomnia as it irritates the stressed system, particularly the nerves of the digestive system. Often, stressing about dropping off to sleep is enough to keep one awake.

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