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    So my daughter is going through a sleep regression. She is 5 months old. We start the day around anywhere from 8 – 10 am depending on how our nights sleep was. At around 11 or 12 we do our first feeding then a nap for about an hour maybe 2. Then in two hours another feeding and 30mins to an hour depending on her waking. We continue that until about 7. Then if it’s bath day have a bath. Nurse and rock in the rocking chair to sleep at 8 and is usually asleep by 10, and then she sleeps until about 2am usually. If it’s a bad night she wakes up at 11:30 or 12 then put the vibrate on in her bassinet rock it, and she goes back to sleep, but then wakes up again at 1, Repeat the process, and this continues until about 2 am or 3 am, then I get tired of it and put her in our bed to feed her so that i can actually sleep and she falls asleep too usually. After she nurses to sleep in our bed she will sleep until about 5am or 6am (sometimes 7). The down fall at that point is sharing a queen bed with my husband and her, getting kicked, but I don’t have enough room to get comfy and fall alseep. So she wakes up around 6am we do another in bed feeding fall asleep until 8:30am or 9am. Based on how the night goes I either let her stay awake and be happy while I roll back over and sleep or not. Please help! Share some ideas? Thank you Darcie