WW 90: Halloween Party and a Good Quote

Hello everybody, Happy Halloween, and welcome back to our Weekly Wrap Up. This austere and beautiful church caught my attention the other day as I was walking the streets of NYC, so I just had to snap a picture. It’s been said that walking is God’s activity. That certainly holds true for the fall in NYC.


Getting in the spirit, Marc and I headed to a fun Halloween dance party this past weekend as a cowboy and cowgirl. I got our Wrangler shirts on Amazon for a bargain price, along with the cowboy hat neck ties.  My hat is a gift from my Aunt Simone, Marc’s a 20 year old Stetson original. We donned our favorite Honcho boots from El Paso, Texas which fit your feet like a glove. During hours of dancing those boots kept my feet oh-so-comfy and the next day they felt fine.


Welcome to the weekend of a bonafide soccer mom. With so much travel and so many games, I often ask myself why we go through all the trouble. Once seated field side, watching my kids run back and forth so passionate about that little black and white ball, I am reminded.  For us city dwellers whose kids too often are stuck at home in an apartment, soccer gets them out into the fresh air. While they run, twist, kick and squirm that ball, greater gifts are bestowed on them. They feel a part of something bigger than themselves. They also get the chance to meet kids from other schools and other backgrounds. So soccer helps to keep them healthy and to expand their horizons. I just wish coordinating all the schedules didn’t take you-know-who so much time (!). If you find that my Weekly Wrap Up is often a day or two late, now you know why.


For my fans of inspirational quotes, this one had me chuckling. How KEY, how SIGNIFICANT is a cup of coffee to your morning.  What matters more, coffee or your husband (just kidding, honey). Weigh in below and tell us, and enter our weekly giveaway.


Thanks so much for reading and have a Happy Halloween everyone.


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  • Jodi Hunter

    Fingers crossed I win, I could really use it.

  • shellypeterson

    Happy Halloween, looks like you had a good time out. I love the coffee sign.

  • Julie Wood

    I hope you had a Happy Halloween! We had a great night and you look cute in your costume! I have to have a cup of hot coffee every day. It really helps me a lot!!

    • Thanks so much Julie! Hope you did too!

  • Betsy R Barnes

    Since I’m not a coffee drinker, a good husband definitely matters more! I like the quote though, very funny!

    • I thought it was a good one! 🙂

  • Asia

    Happy halloween

  • Shirley S

    I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! The photo of the church is so beautiful!

  • ling298

    Happy halloween

    • Thanks! Hope you had a great one!

  • Crystal Banks

    Hope you had fun trick or treating. My 13 month old would not let go of her bucket and wanted to walk with the older girls. Too cute

    • Cute!! Hope you guys did too! 🙂

  • Becky S.

    Soccer is such a great sport for children! I’m sure your children will appreciate your dedication to their well being and happiness! 🙂 Hope you and your family had a happy Halloween!

    • Thanks so much Becky! Hope you and your family did too!!

  • Natalie

    I would love to put up that coffee sign in my home 🙂

  • Michelle Bartley
  • slehan

    I don’t like coffee and don’t drink it so it doesn’t make me strong…
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com