WW 63: Birthdays, Breakfasts, and Date Night

Hello everyone.  Taking a moment to celebrate grandmas.  My friend Ana’s grandmother turned 96 this year.  She came from Cuba and overcame so much during her lifetime, and now has a beautiful granddaughter and three great-grandaughters .  Happy birthday grandma Chelo!

happy birthday grandma

Squeezed in a latte at my favorite breakfast place.  Yummy, frothy goodness.


I’ve been off gluten for over a year now and always on the lookout for low carb breakfast ideas.  (If you have any ideas, comment below).   This low carb protein breakfast did the trick because the ham and eggs kept me going until lunch …

low carb breakfast

Which turned out to be a yummy, salty broth of chicken and fresh veggies… couldn’t be beat.


And here are the last photos of the week with a little reflection on date night ideas.  As a couple with 5 kids, we keep saying we’re going to do regular date nights but they keep falling through the cracks.  One kid will have a cold, or another a test, or someone else a choral concert, and out goes date night through the window.  Well, this week we took a simple drive together.  We chatted, we laughed, we drove.  We were home in about an hour.  We took some time together.  It’s not a lot, but for us that makes all the difference…

cute date ideas

Thanks so much for reading and check back in this week for some fun new posts.


Melissa xo

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  • Vicki

    Fun post! Love Grandmas!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thanks, Vicki! Good luck with the giveaway!

  • Julie Wood

    Your Grandma is so pretty. How awesome that you are going gluten free. I liked your breakfast and lunch ideas. It really does make a difference just getting away with your significant other, even if it is only for an hour. Loved reading your post again!

    • Thank you for reading again, Julie! I appreciate it! 🙂

  • David


  • Doug

    Stunning wedding dress! You don’t see them like that anymore.

    • It truly is breathtaking! Thanks for reading!

  • regina elliott

    That picture looks like a famous painter painted it ! It’s STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL

    • Doesn’t it? Thanks, Regina! 🙂

  • shellypeterson

    Wow such a beautiful photo of your grandmother!

    • Thank you so much for reading!

  • Elisabeth

    That chicken soup looks divine!

    • The soup was delicious. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Tammy Iler

    Thanks for the chance

  • steve weber

    I could go for a bowl of that chicken noodle soup 🙂

  • Lisa Brown

    Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, Lisa! Really appreciate it!

  • ‘Jennifer Eagan

    Happy birthday grandma Chelo! I also love a low carb high protein breakfast!

  • Michelle Richardson

    That breakfast look divine! Lovely pic of your gma!

  • Dolores Miranda

    Happy Birthday to your friends Grandma!96!!Thats amazing!!She is beautiful in that photo!!

  • Betsy R Barnes

    Your protein breakfast looks so good! I especially love how those eggs are cooked, so healthy!

  • Vero M

    Thanks for the post!

  • donna porter

    Looks delicious..

  • PhancyPheet

    I want those sunglasses– super chic!

  • slehan

    I like the food you ate. Date nights, or even date drives, are important for all couples.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  • Thomas Murphy

    Thanks for the giveaway!