Weekly Wrap Up #28: Last Days in Barcelona

Hello everyone!  Exciting week for us as my three oldest boys flew to Italy for an exchange and I headed to Sweden yesterday with my little girls to visit with aunts, uncles and cousins.  We were sad to leave Barcelona, but grateful for all the special times we had here.

Starting off the week, Marc and I celebrated our 12th anniversary over a lovely meal.  Getting this special time together in a fun city was one of the best anniversary celebration ideas yet! So lucky to have such a warm, supportive man (and great dad!) as my husband.

12 and counting

My week was peppered with some lovely lunches saying goodbye to friends and family while the kids were at camp.  This one started with watermelon topped with ricotta.


Next up, another innovative Spanish summer salad with brie, walnuts, mixed lettuces, cherry tomatoes and lots of pepper.


Meal ended with ice-cream with cherry sauce.  Super yummy. We’ve been so lucky to try creative and delicious food in Spain!


Met up with Cloudmom’s awesome producer Thiago da Costa of Figura Media, who shot all my original baby’s first year shows and more, on our visit to Barcelona with lovely wife Tania! We laughed and fested until 1 a.m – oops!

special times

Another special lunch included this gorgeous fruit salad with melon, watermelon and cherries!  Going to miss the fruit and fresh produce here in Spain, and much, much, more, our family and old and new friends.


The boys flew as unaccompanied minors to Italy for an international exchange with three Italian boys!  There were fears and tears as you would imagine with children flying alone for the first time, but they arrived well and were eating some yummy pasta within a few hours.

Off to Italy

And the girls and I headed to Sweden to see my parents and all our aunts, uncles and cousins!  So happy to have some special time with my two peaches …

Off to Sweden

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to enter our weekly giveaway below!  Oh, and don’t forget to check in next week for our adventures in Sweden!

Tak (thanks!)  Melissa xoxo

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