Utkatasana Chair Pose – Onzie GIVEAWAY

This is a sponsored post.  CloudMom received goods in exchange for this post.  The ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Hi there my dearies and welcome back to another Wednesday fashion post.

On the lookout for a cool yoga outfit for fall?  Enter our giveaway to win a $100 gift certificate to Onzie!

As we move along in life, we learn to seek what’s good instead of what’s perfect.  We learn that when we fall short, we’re better for having tried and that life is a process, a journey, and not about always having it right.

Utkatasana Chair Pose - Onzie GIVEAWAY

Enter the challenging, frustrating, and unglamorous CHAIR POSE of vinyasa yoga, one of the most challenging yoga poses and something I’ve been struggling with for years and still can’t master too well.  Sigh.

A very popular vinyasa yoga pose, the chair pose asks that you face forwards with your legs at shoulder’s distance, bend your knees, sit down with your tushie as low as possible, and hold your arms up and forwards.

Now, if your quadriceps and calves lack flexibility (like mine), crouching down low and looking like you actually are in a chair ain’t happening, folks.

Here I am attempting the chair yoga pose on the coast of Spain.  My sweetie took these photos of me, foregoing some nap time on the beach.  Love you honey!

Utkatasana Chair Pose - Onzie GIVEAWAY

Although I’ve got a ways to go, I’m far better at the chair pose than a year ago.  Isn’t that what life’s all about.  Setting goals, working towards them, getting better, and enjoying the process of it all? 

Utkatasana Chair Pose - Onzie GIVEAWAY

Although my yoga pose might have come up short, my Onzie yoga clothes were, in fact, perfect!  Onzie offers a creative range of super yoga outfits for us mamas.  Here, I matched a pink multicolored bra with a pretty cross-back with purple, blue and pink flashy leggings.

In my busy life as a mom, I wear Onzie beyond the yoga studio and know you all will too!  So I’m crossing my fingers for one of you mamas to win our giveaway below.

Utkatasana Chair Pose - Onzie GIVEAWAY

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to check back in next week for another fashion post.



Onzie Giveaway

Utkatasana Chair Pose - Onzie GIVEAWAY

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Onzie Giveaway

This is a sponsored post.  CloudMom received goods in exchange for this post.  The ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    They have some really comfortable looking and cute yoga wear!

    • Super comfy + super cute = win in my book!

      • Dana Rodriguez

        I agree! 🙂

  • Corey Bean

    My wife’d love these

    • How sweet of you to enter for her! Good luck!

  • Sarah Robin Johnson

    Love Onzie!! Fingers crossed!

  • Amanda lea

    I have recently began running and working out again!! Feels good!!

  • Christy DuBois

    I love the Onzie line of clothing. I can definitely see wearing it beyond the gym and still looking great.

    • Yes! One of the reasons I love them so much!

  • Sarah Hayes

    Id love to have some fun workout gear! they have a nice selection

  • James Garvey

    yoga sure beats my mortal enemy… cardio.

  • cezovski

    I could sure use some new workout gear. Thanks for the chance!

  • kari

    It looks very comfortable!

  • lindsay

    would love this, thanks!

  • shannon fowler

    These are amazing! I love having cute workout gear. It keeps me motivated.

  • TheMuncher

    I definitely need more workout clothing! Especially yoga pants!!

  • calmond

    I love their clothing…I need some for my trip to Mexico in December! 🙂

  • Anel Winney

    Great looking clothes! Thanks for the chance!

  • Rust

    Love to get some yoga pants for my daughter. Thanks!