Your baby has been growing bigger and stronger every day. At one year, you’ll be sure to notice exciting cognitive, emotional, and social development starting in your toddler. They are learning to respond to his or her name, exploring and eating more independently, walking and running, and using a growing vocabulary. In these videos, I share my best advice on toddler development, including the best indoor and outdoor activities for toddlers, healthy toddler meals you can whip up in no time, and how to potty train without the added anxiety! Don’t forget the toddler tantrums. I’ll share my tried and true tricks to disciplining a toddler! With a little help and support, we will get through the wonderful “terrible-twos” together!

Toddler Books and Gear

A safe play area that takes baby from the tummy time age to crawling baby to independent play. > More

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Potty Training 101

Check out these five simple tips on how to help your child in the "bed-wetting" phase. > More

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Healthy Habits

My tips for healthy meals for toddlers and babies plus advice on good activities like children reading. > More

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Tackling the “Terrible Twos”

Disciplining a toddler in public is tricky. Here are some tips on how to discipline a toddler in public. > More

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Family Life

Tantrums in toddlers are preventable. Here's my advice on how to avoid toddler temper tantrums. > More

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Sleep Basics

A mom wrote in asking for tips regarding her baby and toddler sharing a room. My answers in this video. > More

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Traveling with Toddler

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Lists and Schedules

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