Baby Basics

You and your hubby are now proud parents of a beautiful boy or girl! Congratulations! In my Baby section, you’ll find Baby Basics, including how to feed a baby when you’re breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and taking the big step and starting baby on solids! Keep that new baby smell and feel with my videos on how to bathe a baby and the best bath products to use on baby’s soft skin! Finally, you will master the skills needed to change a diaper and get your baby to sleep through the night with my helpful vlogs! From one mom to another, I hope you enjoy watching my videos and that they help you take care of and nurture your new bundle of joy!

Breastfeeding Basics

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Bottle Feeding

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First Baby Foods

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Baby Care

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Baby Books and Gear

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Breast Pumping Tips

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Baby Sleep Basics

Newborn sleep and baby sleep schedule tips for a 2-4 Month Old. > More

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Traveling with Baby

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Lists and schedules

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